Japanese Auto Auctions

Auctions update every day and are all over Japan, we currenUSS Auctions Japantly service and inspect all auctions in the Kansai region being

Monday : Honda Kansai

Tuesday : TAA Kinki

Wednesday : Bay Auction

Thursday : hanaten / LAA Kansai

Friday : USS Osaka or Nagoya

Saturday : HAA Kobe

We do request you send us information on cars you are looking for so we can look for you as well and hopefully find your desired car as quick as possible to make the importing procedure seamless and simple.
Bidding through us requires a deposit which is fully refundable at any time you wish to cancel. Bank account details will be supplied when you request to proceed.

Auctions vary in size from between 500 cars to over 18,000 cars per day. The smaller ones tend to be slower in pace and generally cheaper in price while the bigger ones tend to be fast moving, slightly more expensive but providing the variety of import models and types that buyers are looking for.

At most auctions, Japanese import cars are sold every 3-5 seconds, simultaneously on the left screen and on the right screen upto 8 lanes thats 16cars to watch at a time, 8 sets of screens to watch you need to be extremly carefull.... Dealers come to the auction view the cars being sold and then bid on the cars in this auction room by clicking on a button. Skill is required, mistakes being punished with an 80,000yen fine for a cancellation.


Japanese Auction House