Importing to Australia

Direct Imported the only Broker who now lives and works in japan. With the right tools and help we make it an easy solution step by step

Direct Imported Auto Brokers assists private buyers in every aspect of importing Japanese vehicles for the best possible quality and price available directly from JaImporting to Australia - Import your own vehicle!pan with a no hassle honest reliable service. Stop doing the run around and have a look at us and see why we are one of Australia’s premier broker company’s. We aim to please in every step in your journey through the whole process of helping you find and import your dream car at that best price you could find. Yes it is possible all you need do is ask and get free quote we will get you an estimation of time, availability and approx price, it cant be any easier.

What you can expect is personal honest service as you will be dealing with me on a first hand basis I am avail to you most hours of the day to answer any question you have Don’t be mislead I have all the right connections in the right place and work hard at auction every day to get you the right car first time every time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Importing To Australia

You probably have thousands of unanswered questions so you would find a few below.

Q. where do we start now I have decided to use your services.

A. contact us via our Request a vehicle form on our Page it has all the relevant questions plus a comment box for your specific questions.

Q. Who is Direct Imported?

A. Direct imported was started in 1998-1999 in Australia by Phil Cathcart who still owns and operates the business now in Japan.

Q. How well do find the correct car do you specify any vehicle problems? Can you read Japanese Auction sheets? How about mechanical condition?

A. In Most circumstances vehicles are found via Auction Searches with secure internet access specific problems that are visible are usually on the Auction house inspection report, yes they are written in Japanese, yes we can read the sheets correctly and translate if necessary, basic Japanese auction sheets are very vague in problems IE if the auction sheet says Engine noise!!!! It could well just be a faulty fan belt, Phil is a Qualified Motor mechanic by trade so engine problems are highest on the list to listen to check oils and water for common signs of dramatic engine problems as the last thing you want is a car with major problems.

Q. how about accidents and rust can you check?

A. Yes all vehicles are thoroughly checked if Accident graded minor we can check if its compliancable or not including any rust where possible to view my right knee is a testament to this it has become my second foot due to constant checking under cars.

Q. I want modified car do you know about hi performance cars and their related parts?

A. Yes we have built up Skylines in Australia many times before I am familiar with almost every type of performance part that can be fitted and seen on a modified car.

Q. how many photos can you supply??

A. prior to Auction basic internet site photos and reports only, After purchase up to 100 or more photos can be taken as per your request.

Q. how many cars have you bought and exported to Australia that have been rejected for compliance?

A. we have exported from japan thousands of vehicles I have never bought a car that has been rejected yet.

Q. do we need a deposit before we can order cars

A. Yes a deposit is required

Q. I work most weekdays how do you contact me if you have found a suitable car?

A. please check your emails every morning before going to work and call if needed during your break.

Q. What about payments and charges?

A. Payments and Charges are due at specific points of the purchase IE vehicle cost Fob ( Full on ship charge inc vehicle cost) is due 5 working days after purchase. Shipping duty gst and related charges are due when the vehicle arrives in Australia, Compliance and relates transport charges are due as they are payable as directed by companies in Australia.

Q. Do you charge a Brokers fee?

A. Depends on how involved you wish to become when dealing with Customs agents and compliance companies in Australia if you just need advise on this its free if you need assistance in these areas I would charge $500 - $1000 for this service depending on how much assistance is needed.

Q. how about shipping is the vehicle insured?

A. if you require insurance we can arrange this in japan prior to shipping.

Q. how long does the process take?

A. depending on your specific vehicle request it can take up to 8 weeks to find the correct car but if we have specific cars we know we can find easily 1 week is usually for easy cars to find, Once your vehicle is purchased we have to wait for shipping to your port in Australia to become avail so allow 2 - 4 weeks for this, transit to Australia takes about 2 weeks, arrival in Australia you are subject to quarantine and customs clearance usually 7 days on average but kiwi ships can take longer and also Sydney ports are renowned for taking time, at this stage if its fast 8 weeks before you see your car if slow 12 weeks + compliance time.

Q. What about if the vehicle arrives and it’s not as described

A. All care is taken plus over 50 Photos supplied it is unlikely it would be not as described.

Q. Why are you better than other Suppliers in Australia or Japan?

A. We are a long Lasting Company, We Physically inspect your car other claim to personally inspect but don’t, We are a small company who cater to small amount of buyers who demand the service to be accurate true and correct, in most cases when you deal with Non native Speakers of English in japan there are many mistakes, Phil is Australian no problems there, We know Imports inside and out and know what the end user expects, as we were all buyers at the start I know the difficulties involved.

Q. there is a question I have but I can’t find the answer here.

A Use the contact page to contact Phil answers will be added to questions here and replied via email.